Sunday, May 27, 2012


A key element in dressing well is to finish up the look with unique accessories. This is the part where you can have a little fun experimenting or creating that wow factor to your outfit. 

Layering up different sizes, colors & shapes to your bangles adds a cool look. Matching the hardware on the clutch to the gold in the bangles and ring ties the look all together (not to mention matching nail polish as well!)

These are great pieces for the summer. The look would have worked with just the bottom minty green bracelets, but once the upper bracelet was added, it made the accessories pop. Because the dress looks airy and delicate, make sure your accessories match that. For example, adding a gold cuff here would alter the look from being delicate to hardcore. Dainty jewels work best. 

I love love love adding vintage inspired pieces into my existing collection. Mixing old with new is such a unique way to incorporate past trends with current ones. Again, a perfect opportunity to experiment!

Emerald green + gold = absolute elegance. Reminds me of royalty and upper class. If the green had been a shade lighter, it would have appeared less classy and more casual & carefree.

Menswear inspired accessories add a totally different look to one's style. They can be extremely easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe as they usually are not exuberantly outrageous. Instead, the pink denim adds that touch which makes the subtle jewels balance the outfit perfectly. 

Happy accessorizing! 

images via Paterson Maker


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