Sunday, May 31, 2015

Luxe Living

This post definitely matches the title of my blog. I have been actively searching for a place to live for the past two months and have been unsuccessful. Prices in Vancouver are astronomical, and finding a place that is in a good location, is clean, has a good landlord, etc is very difficult to come across. 

For the past three weeks, I thought I had found the place of my dreams. It was a laneway house located 1.5 blocks from where I currently live. It was brand spanking new and so so so beautiful. I even managed to get the owners to come down in price, but I waited too long to decide, and someone else snatched it up. I was heartbroken. I had started picturing myself living there, thinking about what pieces of furniture I may purchase...until POOF it was gone before my eyes. 

I agree, I have very champagne taste. I have always liked nice things. Especially when it comes to finding a place to live, I feel as though I can't really lower my expectations. Living in a hole and paying $1500 per month in rent just aint going to cut it. So, I am continuing this painful search and just hope *fingers crossed* that something beautiful pops up - or maybe the person who took the laneway might just back out ;) 

Here's a little inspiration of what I envision my place looking like: 

Eames chairs // Simple area rugs // Greys & whites // Cashmere throws // Black & white photos

Functional coffee tables // Tall windows // Industrial & Modern pieces

images via Pinterest